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There's always money in the banana stand

So I may or may not have been bored and watched this video in frame by frame…and made caps.

SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE KNOWS DAMN WELL WHAT SHE IS DOING like she is looking for her man’s hand.

Idek idek…my favorite messy!

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    Yep, when I watched both angles of the clip after the awards (or even on the night!), her face said it all as she...
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    On the 6th and 7th frame Columbus is like “Damn here they go again! We can’t take them no where!” lmao
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    She damn sure knew what she was doing. I think she threw Tony for a surprise more than anything because she usually...
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    Hahaha, I love how smug his grin looks in the last picture! Maybe it’s just the angle on it, because it’s from the side,...
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    Messy. Messy.
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    The HILARITY of it all are Tony’s and Columbus’ facial expressions. DEEEEAAAADDD!!!
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    This right here cemented thangs for me y’all! She damn well knew!
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    LOL :)
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